UIG Advertising Agency

Our Story

UIG has been founded in Alexandria as a full service Marketing and Advertising Company.

Our main Target is to reach and achieve an effective level of service to be Powerful and Unique in the Promotion Field.

We are responsible for creating different Marketing Services on behalf of clients to increase their sales revenue, entering and succeeding in a chosen market by using marketing solutions.

Achieving our Target Audience satisfaction is our concern by updating Advanced Techniques in Marketing Development, Penetrate the competitive Market and execute Full Advertising Campaigns.

So Our Company is considered as a deliverable message between you and your customer.

Our Team is committed to help our customers to get their suitable Promotional Material such as :

  • Printing
  • Social Media
  • Outdoor Ads.
  • Media Screen
  • T.V & Radio Ads.
  • Events Management
  • Designs
  • Branding
  • Promotional Ideas
  • Website & Mob. App.
  • SMS Marketing
  • Interior Design